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The National Education Policy 2020 was released at a time when the education system was already struggling a battle against convectional VS innovative education, rote memorization VS experiential learning. The year 2020 has led to a complete transformation ever experienced in the history of Indian education system. Online teaching learning mechanism served as a path to explore opportunities in adversity. It became a medium through which knowledge could reach the learners within the boundaries of their homes crossing all barriers. It has empowered individuals to face the challenges of the modern world and compete with the skills of 21st century at the global level. ICT has become an integral part of knowledge generation and accumulation. 

Education is the foundation stone of our personality. It is important to strengthen the pillars with skills and knowledge in order to build a strong empire. Holistic development essentially means intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development which can be achieved only through proper education. Having rich experience on classroom coaching, we have diversified to online learning with specialised teaching techniques so as to make virtual leaning an impactful experience. 

Our activities help students to develop problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaborative abilities. The core aim of our education and learning is to foster holistic development. 

Our virtual school specializes in offering “Learning with Excellence”. Our focus is on inclusive individual learning as per the learning style; personal situation; ICT skills, confidence and attitude of the students with greater emphasis to engage in an invigorating, collaborative quest for wisdom and personal holistic development. 

Important features are :- 

Less but impactful screen time.

Ideal group size.

One to One Interaction.

Competition and skill enhancement through our Activities and Visual Aids.

Continuous and Comprehensive practice through Assignments & Activities.

Regular interaction and feedback session with Parents.

Regular Teachers and Management Interaction.

We are an e-Learning platform for transformation of conventional style of education and include engaging in the continuous learning necessary for students to succeed in a rapidly changing world by identifying and addressing critical requirements, and using technology to broaden and support learning opportunities.


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